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Performax/Jet Drum Sander

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Hey all. I just picked up a used Jet 10/20 drum and I am wondering about optimal feed rates, grits and the depth of each pass. te users manual was quite uninformative on this subject, it just said try it with different speeds. I was hoping not to have to reinvent the wheel and rely on te experience and wisdom of other LJers.

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Doug, VERY light passes (especially as you get to finer grits) is the rule. I don't go finer than 120 as I seem to always get burning at finer grits. Feed rate is less critical than light passes and I usually run mine about 2/3 of max speed. I hope your feed belt tracks better than mine. I have fought it ever since I bought it new. And Jet's tech support was no help.

Very light passes= about 1/8 turn of the crank
I agree with the light passes and slow feed rate. I did have issues when using 80 and 120 sandpaper on curtain types of wood. I had maple boards with scratches that I couldn't sand away. I've been using 220 grit after the planer and have been getting good results.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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