Makita - 5007MG Magnesium Circular Saw (Rating: 5)

So I've had this saw a few months now and had time to make a number of different cuts with it. I picked this up at Home Depot pretty much paid $150 net for it as I had a few other items and used the $20 off $200 Pro coupon.

I've cut a pretty good bit of ply, some hardwood and a bunch of 2x and cedar pickets when I replaced some of my fence. Overall, I've been impressed with the saw and the quality. Though I will say that the last circular saw I bought was a Skil saw back in maybe 93 or 94, so I don't have a lot of experience with different circular saws other than using a few friend's saws occasionally over the years. I bought this saw with the intention of passing the Skil on to my daughter's boyfriend who was looking for a circ saw. I did some research and this saw seemed to get pretty good reviews on balance, so I figured I'd try it.

The good:
1. Relatively low noise level. It's a circular saw, so it's not whisper quiet, but it is surprisingly quiet. Every time I use it, this is one of the thoughts that pops up.
2. Large flip levers for adjustment are easy to use and lock down securely. Time will tell how they hold up, but so far I've really enjoyed the ease of setting the depth by just flipping the lever up and down.
3. Built in dust blower does a great job of keeping the cut line clean making it pretty easy to see what's going on.
4. Motor has a pretty soft start, so it doesn't jump around during ramp up.

The bad:
1. The box is both larger than it needs to be and yet too small to put the saw away unless the base is raised all the way. There's a lot of dead space in the molded box, but the recess for the saw is exactly saw sized. It's just sort of annoying that if the base is down even a 1/4" the box won't close without some force.

The middle:
1. The light is sort of useful. To be honest, I had been using it in full daylight and hadn't really even noticed it had the light. But as I was finishing up the other night making a few cuts, it was getting a little less light and I could see a bit with the light. To be honest, I felt that if it was dark enough for the light to be useful, I probably shouldn't be operating a power saw.
2. The weight. It's not anywhere near as heavy as the Skil bruiser, but it's not super light either. I have picked up a lot of circular saws at several stores while looking for a new one. This one is not the lightest, but not the heaviest either. In use, I really don't notice the weight, but when I'm picking it up out of the box the first time I notice the weight of it.

All in all, I'm happy with the saw and compared to the old skil it's a lot lighter and easier to use overall, so no regrets at least.