Perfect Home - Model # 30260PS 4 in. Industrial Casters (4-Pack) (Rating: 5)

Previously, my other caster wheels I've used were ordered on-line from Rockler and I have been pleased.

Friday, I wondered what casters were available locally (Lowe's, Home depot, Ace, Tractor Supply, etc.). I used the internet to check out their line-ups, price and in-stock availability. I found pretty slim pickings. The few possibles I came across (as far as rating and size) were a ridiculous price each… and I needed twelve !

Gas Auto part Composite material Nickel Rim

But, I came across these on the Home Depot site, where it reported that they had 14 sets in my store at a price of $19.97 per set of four (two locking and two swiveling).

Off I go straight to the hardware section where all (we thought) the casters reside, but these were not there. I ask the associate in that area if that is all they have. He says yes. As I was heading back towards the middle of the store, I saw a young guy and asked him if he knew where casters might be other than in hardware. He said no, so then I told him that the internet said they had 14 sets. We went to a computer and he got on line, found the store SKU#, entered that in his little hand-held gizmo, then told me that they were in the industrial shelving area located in the far corner of the store behind flooring. We went there and sure enough, there they were.

Gas Flooring Cleanliness Machine Composite material

I got three sets of these. They are rated at 600 pounds maximum capacity (plenty for my needs) and have the 3/8" threaded posts that I need for the three Ridgid tools I have put them on. Two of the four in each set are the locking type. The nuts are even the same size and TPI as what the Ridgid leveling feet had on them. I added one nut to the post, put that into the base, then added one lock washer and finally the tightening nut.

Motor vehicle Gas Tool Machine Bumper

I had a bit of reservation about putting wheels on these machines, but now know that the locks hold them still as I work. I've since bored 21 cup hinge forstner holes, then made two 6" MDF circles on the drill press with no wheel-on-the-machine-related problems at all. The ones on the jointer-planer got the locking wheels on the left end since I'll always be pushing material right to left across the cutters. The DP and TS got them on the front positions.

It turns out that these are made to be sold as an accessory to the Perfect Home industrial chrome metal racks that the largest of which has a 3600 pound overall weight capacity rating.

Shelf Tire Rectangle Table Shelving

As an added bonus: See the included four thick plastic rings that are not required for anything to do with putting these wheels on shop tools ? Well, I have twelve of those. i just set them aside.

Later, I had to stain and finish four oak table edge trim pieces and was about to grab either a stack of the yellow painters pyramids… or give the Rockler Bench Cookie Cones their first day in the sun… when I glanced these wider-than-tall, raised-a-bit-in-the-center things. They were great for the flat trim and all the brushing I was doing to them.

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Plank Flooring

I like these. They meet all my needs at a very reasonable local price. I have the feeling there will be more in my future. I recommend these casters for those who may need them.

Thanks for stopping in.