Kreg - ACS3000 Adaptive Cutting System (Rating: 5)

Since Kreg came out with its own track saw and project table last year, I've seen a lot of people bad-mouthing it. Some confuse it for the Accu-Cut, where you add a circular saw to a guide. Others take the route of 'Get A Festool' or 'Get a real table saw'. Let me come right out and say it. It is not a real table saw OR a Festool competitor, and that is a good thing.

Where I live we get hail 3 seasons out of the year, and snow the 4th. So I keep my cars in the garage, and I woodwork out of my basement. Anything coming in or out of my shop has to fit up a flight of stairs with 3 turns. not just my projects, but the tools too. Most cast iron machines are out of the question, as I value my and my friends backs. I have tried to get by with a job site saw… loud and terrible dust collection, and a small table that has been outgrown by the size of my projects. Add this to my wife hating the dust and noise, and I have been desperate for a better solution.

I purchased the ACS Master System, and I am very happy with it. The package was missing 1 box of parts. However a quick call to Kreg customer service got the missing part shipped out. Thanks again, Billy!

Set up was easy. Follow the instructions and you'll have perfectly square cuts within a short while (checked with 2 engineer squares and a combination square). I hooked the saw to a shop-vac via a Rockler universal hose. Dust collection is terrific. Cut quality is good enough that it can be used for jointing, saving you a machine to buy. Larger pieces feel much safer than using a job site saw. I've had flawless bevels and miters. It has gone through 4/4 bubinga and 8/4 walnut with ease in a single pass. More than that and I would suggest 2 passes. The noise level is quieter than the shop-vac, and doesn't carry through the house. The leg height is adjustable for ~3" in height. The build has a lot of plastic, but feels solid. I think the Festool track saw would be better for the professional, but that is not what I believe the target user for the ACS. Also I would say the table is better than the Festool! It is bigger, cheaper, and much more stable.

I believe the Kreg ACS would replace most of potential table saw usage for a hobbyist. There are only three functions I can think of that a TS would be better… Long rips (this can be done on a dedicated saw, or by removing the track and adding extensions), dado stack work (can be done on a router table), and shallow bevels where the piece goes through the saw vertically against a high auxiliary fence (can be done with hand tools).

$900 for a safe, quiet, clean solution that gives perfect cuts and is light enough to get up and down stairs. I would suggest this setup to any basement woodworker.