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pen making supplys

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Well I'm new at pen turning. Guess you could say I'm a novice;;not actually making them to resale but more for a hobby;;;it seems like Penn state ind is the main place everyone buys from;;any comments on this or can someone give me some other places they like or prefer for buying pen kits;;thank you
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Woodturningz. I highly recommend them. I know Ryan and Fritz. They have most everything that Penn State has and are less cost. They also have much faster shipping. They have a web site.
PSI has several resellers that sell their products too, but will not mention them, here.

Crafts Supplies;

Berea Hardwoods;

Craft Supplies has no resellers, Berea has several resellers.

If join the IAP, and click on "links," "vendors," will find all the resellers of PSI & Berea.

If do not join just scroll down to IAP Market place.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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