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Pen/display swap summer 2022

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If you are new to swaps, it is simply an exchange between participants of something you made. You get a name (from me), you make something relevant, you send it to that person, and wait to see what shows up in the mail and from whom. Then we all post what we got in this thread, and later post what you made as a project. Search LumberJocks with "swap" to see other examples Whether you are novice or veteran, you are welcome and encouraged to join in. The only type we DON'T want is someone that will not stick to the commitment. NB Some specifics may change as we near the registration deadline.
This swap is about handmade pens and pen displays/holders. No you don't have to have a lathe. If you don't feel comfortable making something round without a lathe make a unique display for a pen. This can be something that sits on a desk or table that holds one pen or can hold multiple. For those that chose the pen route you don't have to use a wood blank if you don't want to. Also pencils are included in this swap. I ask please no slimlines unless the main item is the display and the slimline is extra. Reason being as most pen turners will agree the slimlines are the cheapest/lowest quality kits you can get and write the worst. You can also send both a pen and a display. This isn't just a turning. You can make pens any way you see fit. Also can be made out of any material you like. Your work does not have to be perfect or stand up against everyone else's work. This is about doing something to the best of your ability. Please make your tool useable for the recipient. Also send a note with your project describing the wood and any unique skills used.
-------- Rules for this swap
Each participant makes their swap item(s) and will get a name and address via e-mail after the "progress picture" deadline to where they will be mailing their entry. Postage is to be paid by the sender. The LumberJock who you're shipping to, as well as the one who is shipping to you, will be selected randomly. Unless there are special circumstances like the need for international shipping - I will not influence who anyone is paired with. - Teaser shots are allowed, but please do not post finished pictures until after the reveal date. Also helpful are mistake pictures, they might help others avoid the same, and perhaps even save some knuckle skin. - A progress pic (sent to me) will be required NO LATER THAN the due date listed near the end of this post. The progress pic needs to show that you've put sufficient time and work into the project to be able to complete it by the ship date. Anyone who doesn't e-mail me a progress pic or let me know why they haven't by 11:59 pm CST on the due date will be dropped from the list of participants. - Bonus Items are completely optional and are not in any way required or expected. ---------- How to sign up
Post below letting me know that you are in and then send an e-mail to "[email protected]" containing ALL of the following information:
- LumberJocks Username
- Real Name
- Email address
- Shipping Address, including country
- International OK?- Let me know if you are not willing to ship internationally (so I can make sure I pair any non-US participants accordingly) I will be keeping a list of confirmed participants below that I will update periodically. If you don't see your name on the list within a day or two of e-mailing me, shoot me another e-mail or PM so I don't miss anybody. Progress pictures will also be sent to the above e-mail address no later than the due date given below. Your recipient's name and address will be sent to you from the same e-mail address so make sure it's not caught by your spam filter.
Important dates In order to participate, you need to adhere to the dates below. Failure to do so will result in you getting dropped from the swap. If you can't make the progress picture or ship dates, please make sure to notify me immediately.
Register for swap by: 5/18/22
Progress picture please send by: 6/1/22
Ship date please ship by: 6/25/22
Reveal date - 7/8/22
No final pics until this date. Let the recipient post a pic or two before the sender posts their "formal" pics and project entry. When you post your projects, use the tag "pen/displayswap2022" so we can all easily find the projects in one spot. If everyone receives their project early we can reveal early. Keep an eye on the list below. If you have sent me an email and don't see your name or P S R after it in 24hrs say something in the thread. If you have any questions feel free to email me or ask in the thread. We are a friendly group and will try to answer what you ask wether it pertains to the swap or other stuff you are doing.
P = Progress pic
S = Shipped
R = Received Notices: This swap is in no way officially sponsored by, run by, or otherwise tied to "LumberJocks" as a company or organization, or to any of the parent or sibling holdings thereof. It is simply run by those of us who participate on LumberJocks.
In order to participate in a swap you must be a member in good standing in the lumberjocks community. The moderator can not be expected to, and will not act as a go between for banned or blocked members.
Thanks to all previous swaps for the above text

1) Keebler1
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I'll watch from the sidelines. A non lathe pen is certain to be a clunky thing.
ill give it some thought,might sit this one out.
I'll be watching from the sidelines, as well.
Me too. I love these things. You all are awesome.
looks like this one might not happen.well im definitely sitting this one out till the beerbq swap.sorry keebs i just dont have motivation for this one.
The first pen/pencil I made was for the last swap you hosted. I told myself I would not make pens on a lathe. I haven't had a booth at a craft show in over four years. So, I'll sit this one out.

But, this would be a good swap if I sold pens/pencils. If I did sell pens at a craft show, I think I would make a desk pen holder for both the pen & pencil and sell them as a set (Nice gift set). As of now, I'd be cutting a block of wood, drilling a hole in it for the pen to stand on a desk, sanding it and apply a finish.
Sorry Keebler, I have to sit this one out, to much going on. And family visits coming up. But u will watch from the sidelines if this goes.
If all else fails we can use this thread to chat till Kenny starts the beerbq swap
If all else fails we can use this thread to chat till Kenny starts the beerbq swap

- Keebler1
sounds good to me bud.
If all else fails we can use this thread to chat till Kenny starts the beerbq swap

- Keebler1
Heck yeah. We can talk about Kenny and he won't even know!
If all else fails we can use this thread to chat till Kenny starts the beerbq swap

- Keebler1

Heck yeah. We can talk about Kenny and he won t even know!

- Rich
heck we talk about kenny even though we know he knows ! thats why i love his beerbq swap,so we can rip him and he knows we do ! hey he's a great guy and i love being a part of what ever he does xoxo !
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1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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