USA Peg - Pegboard 40 Hook Combo Kit (Rating: 5)

It's a given, the hooks for pegboard come out when you try to take your tool off the hook. You just learn to live with the problem. Sure, good hooks work better than cheap hooks, but the all have the same basic problem.

Not these. These are beefy plastic hooks that have one angled peg and one straight peg. You hold the hook at an angle, push in the angled pin, rotate the hook until it's straight and push in the straight hook. They fit in the pegboard very tightly. In fact they warn you that if you have undersized holes, it won't work, and you will have to drill out the holes with a 1/4" bit. These are for 1/4" holes - there is pegboard with 1/8" holes.

They have the typical J and L shaped hooks, as well as a spring hook for screwdrivers and other round shaft tools. They also have a nifty box hook that one handle of plier type tools fit into.

This review is for an assortment of 40 hooks, 10 each of the J, L, box and spring hooks, for $12.95 with free shipping. They come in black or white.

They came promptly in the mail. They work exactly as advertised. They go in snug. They don't come out unless you really yank on them. Tools come on and off without the hook moving AT ALL. They are beefy. Mostly, this is a good thing. I was hanging a saw by a hole in the blade and these hooks are too big for the hole, but other than that, the size is an advantage. The assortment lets you try out all the shapes and see what works for each tool. I found I didn't use all of the spring and box shapes and wished for more J and L, but YMMV. You can buy bags of any of the shapes relatively inexpensively. The plastic is strong, no worries about holding tools. The packaging doesn't look like the picture - mine came in a plain plastic bag.

Order them online from They also sell plastic pegboard. If you like pegboard, but don't like the hooks, try these.