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I am looking at buying a General 50 220M1 cabinet saw at auction . It is missing side supports and rails and lumber guide.

Are parts available for this saw? I believe they are now marketed in Canada as Magnum tools? Are there aftermarket parts available?

- GDM123
Sounds like you are describing the front, and back rails, and the rip fence? I own a Canadian made General 350 table saw, it's a cabinet saw as well. I use mine with a Vega Pro fence setup on mine. It has a round front rail. That round rail is the only thing that keep me from using ANY aftermarket table saw accessory, as the round rails have fallen from grace.

The Biesemeyer type saw fences have a square tube front fence. There are several makers of fence, and rail systems like the Bies available for aftermarket parts.

So no need to worry if it is the front, and back rails that the saw fence rides on, almost any aftermarket unit will fit out of the box, some might require the slightest modification if the holes for the rails don't line up, but most makers have set upon a standardized width for the fence rail holes.

Now if it's other parts I really don't know anything about that specific saw. rails and fence are swapbait, and a lot of saws don't end up with factory spec parts in that regard.

Best of luck, I love my General 350.

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Only the basic saw available. The steel tabletop that is an integral part of the saw is there but nothing more.
I bought a Craftex rail and fence system from Busy Bee in Canada and it works great. Had to drill some holes in the back rail to fit. The front rail has a slide for bolts and easily is installed and adjusts.
I added some extensions that I made which extends the table to the length of the rails on both sides and bolted them to the rails.

This saw has a motor that moves up and down as the blade height changes. Previous owner installed a 110 V motor and single belt. The motor movement does not allow full movement of the blade as the slot in the motor hanger is too short. Do you know what the proper motor is for this saw. I know it needs a 110/220 v motor with dual pully system . Is the a special hanger for the motor? Also there is an idler pully beside the blade arbor which appea
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rs to have no purpose? was this an aftermarket install?
Manual is not very specific.
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