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Panel Planes?

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Just watched an old episode of Woodright's Shop (love it) and had a question about panel planes for making raised panels for door construction. I looked on LN and Lee Valley websites and didn't see any new ones for sale. Any intel on how to make raised panels using panel planes or other types of planes? Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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You can use something like the skew rabbit plane to make raised panels. You can even see on the lee valley site the tool being used for just such a purpose. Check out,41182,48945&ap=1 and scroll to near the bottom. It is all about setting the fence and the depth stop.
just recently there was an article in popular woodworking on how to make a panel raiserr. I can't seem to find i but look around on their website and I'm sure it won't take long.

Otherwise as derosa said, you can use a combination of a shoulder or rabbet plane and simple bench planes, or something like a stanley no.10 or lie nielsen rabbeting block plane should work also.
A "panel raising plane" is like this

A "Panel plane" is like this.

The top one makes panels for doors and the like and the other makes really really flat and smooth panels.

Just want to make sure there is no confusion. I find panel raising planes in antique shops all the time going for about 50 or so.
Or watch Paul Sellers do panel raising with just a #4 Stanley smooth plane.

Have tried it, works decently on small panels using a #4. For the longer stuff, I had to switch to a #5. I also laid the blank down, to do the sides. You can then just use a Rebate plane to add a rebate around the inside edges of the panel, to fit in the grooves better.

Get the basic bevel done that way, then use a hollow or round to define the type edge you want.

Or, just get a blank of beech wood, and make a panel raiser plane to suit…
Garrett Wade used to sell matched panel raising planes. They
were pretty spendy. You'll see those pop up on ebay from time
to time… most people who bought them probably didn't
use them much.

I've seen vintage ones one ebay too, but seldom matched sets.

The matched sets allow you to work with the grain.

You can certainly make your own. Make a few less technical
planes first. Making planes is not that difficult. Making really
good ones might be a challenge.
Thanks everyone for the comments and input, much appreciated!
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