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Pallet wood

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New here and so far enjoy the site and the wealth of information.Was wondering if anyone has done anything with old pallets? I get a bunch from where i work and have taken several apart and saved the boards.These are good boards and a lot are oak and very hard.Just wanting to see if anyone out there has worked with pallets and what they were able to build out of them.Thanks and hope everyone has a great week.
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There are a lot of projects here on LJ made from pallets. I have access to a couple of places that I can get pallets. I noticed that one place had some machinery shipping pallets that are about 14 feet long, along with some shipping boxes made from 1"x12" boards that are 3'x5' big. I was talking to a contractor that I know that builds new houses. I saw a lot of scrap lumber laying around and asked about getting some. Anything from 2×4 to 2×12, most was no longer than 3'.
Yes, there a ton of projects on site that have used pallet wood. Do a simple search with the word pallet and you should start to discover what is here. Good luck and keep posting.
Pallets are my life blood essentially right now. If you are patient you can find some really nice wood. You are going to have to fight with warping, twisting, cupping, and all other ings that wood does. But I have had a great time with pallets. I built my workbench completely from pallets and a few other projects. It's fun if you don't mind the work. I would say go for it, especially if you are like me (new to woodworking, and not much experience), it's free and you can practice and not worry too much if you screw up. If you aren't new I apologize; it's still a great way to get some free hardwood. Get a good crowbar
Search pallet, it will keep you busy for the next week or so.

Welcome to LumberJocks
Look four messages down in the Lumber forum. ;)
I've used pallets to make lots of things
A bird feeder, Coffee table, Entertainment center and a small workbench/table for the garage.

It is a bit of work taking out or cutting through the 242,423,867,12 Nails first.
No comment. :eek:(
My next thing that I will build for someone is a king size headboard made from pallet wood. It will show the nail holes and retain some of the rough sawn look.
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