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Painter Holiday.....

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.....but not the guy with caulk gun.

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That reminds me of when I worked for a Handyman service. I told the boss that I was raised with "Do your best, then add a little more". And he said . . . "I was raised with Caulk it - Paint it - and move on".
That photo just goes to show who does - and who doesn't, care about the finished project (or their self pride).
I had a similar boss once, in a refrigeration job. I revisited a walk-in cooler job that he had attempted to fix three times and at the end of the day I told him that the expansion-valve settings had been the cause--and that it was now fixed. (I was proud and excited because it was my first superheat/expansion valve challenge on a large system, and I'd methodically and scientifically undertaken the whole process.)

"That's not it," he said to me. "I quit," I said to him. He asked me why and I told him that I was becoming stupider every day that I worked for him . . . and I was.
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