Rockwell - Contour RK3734K Jigsaw (Rating: 5)

Both of my 20+ year old jigsaws bit the dust, so I trundled off to Menards to scope out a replacement. I spotted this saw on sale ($84.95 … Rockwell's MSRP is $149.99). Nobody on LJ's had any experience with this saw ( ), so I decided to take the leap (Menards has a pretty good return policy). I had about $80 in rebate coupons, so it was an easy purchase.

Full disclosure: I have always hated jigsaws (hard to control, hard to get straight cuts, screws would strip out on the blade holders, etc.), but I've had a change of heart. I have broken down sheet goods with it, used it to rough cut 4/4 hard maple, etc. ... jobs that I would have previously done only with a circular saw. I am pretty happy with both the tool and the results. No problems with the blade wandering in the grain, and it seems to have plenty of power.

This saw is compact (only stands 6" high), has a low center of gravity, and has 3 settings for orbital cutting action … you can set it to be aggressive for fast/rough cuts, or use one of the other two settings for finer cuts. It is variable speed, and uses off-the-shelf T-shank blades for tool-less blade changes.

I found it easy to control, and when hooked up to a ShopVac (it has a dust collection port that actually does a pretty decent job), cleaning up was pretty easy. It is a small thing, but another thing I appreciate is the 10-foot cord.

The only thing it is missing, IMHO, is LED lighting.