Grizzly - G0490X 8" 3 HP Jointer with Helical Cutter Head and Mobile Base (Rating: 5)

Got this last week. Arrived in perfect condition, the base in its own box and the upper part in a birch plywood crate. No issues at all with assembly. Used the recommended plug and fired it up. Had to call to find out what the belt deflection was supposed to be cause the manual was a bit older.
This thing is a beast. My first use of the machine resulted in a rather pleasant result. I face jointed/planed a 8" wide board of ash which was not flat at all. I fed it through the helical cutter head and when I went to pull it off of the outfeed table, it was stuck; (not kidding). Turns out the table is perfectly flat and smooth and the cut was so awesome that it created a bit of a vacuum as a result of the fine cut. Don't know what else I can say, but the results speak for themselves. The longer infeed table is just wonderful. All adjustments are fairly easy. The moving parts are all extra beefy and smooth. Going from this, to my 15" Grizzly planer to my 22-44 oscillating drum sander produces the flattest, most perfect boards I ever prepared; all with ease and speed. ~Life is Good~ Thanks for reading.