Highland Woodworking - Outstanding Customer Service (Rating: 5)

Recently I bought a 1/8 inch 14 Tooth band saw blade from Highland Woodworking for my new 14 inch Grizzly band saw. It was working great as I was cutting out patterns glued onto 1/4 inch mdf. I had cut ten of them (fat fonts - about 5 inches tall), when suddenly the blade broke just as I was starting the next one. No stress or strain.

I ordered another blade and a 3/16 inch 4 tooth blade from HW and I sent them an email detailing what had happened. I asked if the blade could be re-welded.

The following day I got a reply from them, part of which is included below…

"1/8" inch wide blades are the most tender of all the blades we sell. In the standard use of a bandsaw, they will be the most likely to break (both the band and at the weld) since they have the least amount of cross section of material to join. And while it is hard not to break a bandsaw blade on occasion, your blade did break quite soon from its initial use.

The eighth inch wide blades we sell come from Olson. Our wider blades come from a different manufacture. Let me check with our buyer to have him check on the manufacturer's policy on welds for the 1/8" blades and get back to you."

The next day, I got a reply from customer support…

We spoke with Olson Saw who makes the 1/8" bandsaw blade. They will send you a replacement blade direct to you. (They are located in Connecticut.)

It will not ship out until later next week since they are in the middle of a fiscal inventory at this time.

I directed them to ship to your address as noted:

address deleted



Wednesday of this week, I got a package from Olson. It contains a new blade. The timing was exactly as I had been told.

I guess by now you know Highland Woodworking and Olson have a customer for life.
Kudos to both companies.

Mike Henderson