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I started woodworking a little over 3 years ago. I had a small garbage Ryobi table saw and started gradually acquiring other equipment. As my collection grew I needed a place to work and some storage. Some background here; I don't own a garage, just a small storage space. I do have a covered carport, so I had to build a workbench that was mobile and lockable, because it would stay outside and there may be ruffians about.
I ended up building a behemoth of a workbench, that suited me well for about 2 years.
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The problem was the saw I used, and that was incorporated into the workbench. The fence was awful, and I could never get it to cut a sime straight line. So I decided to upgrade my saw, and hence I needed a new workbench. I gutted the table and will use whatever scraps I can for the new one.
I have decided on an Ana White design, although the construction will be different. It's a miter saw table with 2 pull out workbenches. This design allows me lots of storage, lots of dual usage, and it can be securely locked since it will remain outside. One work bench will be skinned with formica to double as glue table and outfeed table, the other work bench will remain plywood and have a removable cutout to place my belt sander, scroll saw, drill press(I have a good idea on how to utilize this,) and a plywood cutout for a full flush worktop.
My first project was a simple rolling cart for my air compressor to help me build this, and it will be stored in the outfeed table. Im almost finished with the first table, new pictures soon
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