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This is our new home for fans of the old Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal.

Let's see what you are working on!
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Miss Bandit, our Boston Terrier Eddie gave us....just got home this morning from the Vet's....Had to have emergency Surgery....yesterday.....she is feeling a bit "loopy" from the meds...

Back legs for the Garden Bench are now ready for joinery....needed a few spots cleaned up..
Wood Automotive tire Automotive wheel system Gas Auto part

There are 2 legs sitting there...goal was to get them both to match each other exactly....

Morning to ya!
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Front leg blanks have been cut out..
Wood Automotive tire Composite material Automotive wheel system Roof

The ones for the other front leg were already in the clamps...
Wood Saw Hand tool Tool Metalworking hand tool

Cut-offs from these...
Wood Hardwood Natural material Composite material Metal

Are to be glued up..and then shaped into seat supports for the ends of the Bench

All assemblies are now in the clamps...
Wood Building Composite material Metal Typesetting

need a place to stash these 2 back legs for a few days....
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Got the dog boxes done. May start on an inlayed crayon box for the little one next. Also want modify the cnc machine so I can have it make some different types of corner joints.
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Seeing an Eye Surgeon the 2nd of June....cataracts in the left eye..
Second of 2 end frames are about done...
Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Wood Automotive tire Automotive wheel system

Frame #1....test run of the clamps...
Wood Motor vehicle Gas Machine Auto part

And, frame #2...mortises are about 1" deep, BTW...

hauled 3 planks to the shop, this evening....need to make them into the rails to connect the frames...and chop the mortises for them...THEN I can see about a glue up of the 2 frames...

Too tired right now.....had to assemble the store-bought Planter Bench the Boss bought....has a trellis back..and now, my back hurts...
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Morning to ya, this IS a FRIDAY, is it not?

Cinco de Mayo!

Pills taken, have to go and see a Friendly Vampire, today.

Maybe chop a few mortises, later?
Wood Hand tool Tool Metalworking hand tool Metal

Wood Hand tool Metal Lumber Hardwood

Wood Lumber Metal Machine Hardwood

And one glue up...
Wood Gas Machine Automotive wheel system Engineering

Had to add a 3rd clamp..
Wood Gas Metal Machine Engineering

19-1/4" wide, front to both the seat, and down at the feet...
waiting on the glue..before 3 more mortises can be chopped..and then another frame gets glued up...
Stay tuned..
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Morning to ya! What's on YOUR agenda for this weekend?

Have 3 more Mortises to chop...and another glue-up to do...maybe clean up those 3 rails? Back 2 rails need a series of slats milled, and the mortises for the slats to fit into, Front rail will need at least 1 mortise for the middle of the seat support(s)....haven't decided on 1 or 2...yet.

Too early in the morning....will need a nap, later...
10 more chops on my little end table! hard to get motivated with this wind high temp. and wild fires flaring up all over.
Garden getting close to seed sowing an trailer water system tested and flushed, ready to go soon?
Boss wanted this assembled, and filled with dirt..
Plant Rectangle Wood Gas Glass

Trellis is metal.
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Whew! I got some dirt, Bandit! Trying to dig out the retaining wall - more curb - and of course uncovered the grounding wire for my shop electric in the process :/
Plant Slope Grass Groundcover Shrub
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Story of my life! XD good thing it’s supposed to be dry a day or two.
Hey..I even mowed the grass here, today!....or, should I say Hay Field?

And... chopped about 21 small mortises, to boot....

Last straw for today...I was on Laundry Detail, too.....
Wood Track Lumber Metal Composite material

and about 6 on the crest rail...before the hands started to cramp too much...
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A glue-up has happened, today...
Wood Automotive exterior Fence Gas Home fencing

From this dry fit, to..
Table Wood Plank Hardwood Gas

This dry

14 slats glued into place...this forms the back of the seat for the Garden Bench Project...
Stay tuned...
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Might just take today off from the wood shop...
1) it IS a Monday..
2) and it is my 70th Birthday, today.....
3) Miss Bandit, our Boston Terrier from Eddie...has a visit to the Vet, this afternoon..

Tags for my car have been renewed.....
Will see IF I get Laundry Detail, today....
Tuesday was a "Work Day" Wednesday is bill paying, Grocery Shopping and getting things ready to glue up the Garden bench....
PIP time...

I even tested it out...

Me, after a little over an hour,,,IN the shop...
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Reactions: 1 sitting outside on the patio, waiting on a coat of varnish to dry..

Before it gets moved into the Gazebo...
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awesome craftsmanship, Bandit - you did good.
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Morning to ya..pills taken. Bench has a coat of varnish, and has been moved to the Gazebo.

Rest of the week, will be cleaning up the shop, sharpening and putting away tools. Might sort through the "Left-overs", and see what sort of Project resides in them....

Boss has her errands to be run, shop is closed on Mondays....Miss Bandit has a check-up at the Vet, this afternoon.
Window AC Units have been installed...supposed to reach up into the 80s, this week...and no rain.

Stay tuned....
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