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This is our new home for fans of the old Stumpy Nubs Woodworking Journal.

Let's see what you are working on!
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Morning to ya....have a batch of pills to take, and then see about Brunch. IF it warms up a bit ( like about another 30 degrees) I could would on the Gazebo....could also work on two more corners of a spoon tray?

We'll see...
"And, we'll keep the lights on for ya"
Good evening all, been rainy & cool today & yesterday. I could not do any outside work on our new shed base so I finished up the sliding barn door for the woodshop in the basement. I even put the poster I had from The New Yankee Workshop on the outside of the door.
Wood Building Door House Hardwood
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Spent the day yesterday at a friend's rural property chainsawing an apple tree that came down in the recent ice storm. Took some nice crotch pieces for turning. Also took a couple chunks of honeysuckle wood just to see what that will look like after turning. I didn't find much info online about whether it will be worth it, but I had never seen a honeysuckle that grew so big -- the truck was over a foot in diameter! (It's considered an invasive here in Michigan.)
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Matt! Bill! Glad to see ya!
Enjoying some beautiful OH spring weather but struggling with lumber storage. I’ve got the 4’x8’ cart built for the most part with the off cuts storage on the far end but… I don’t like it. Tempted to take the A frame supports down and just stack and sticker all my long boards on it and sore the shorter stuff on the bora wall racks I have just so I can move forward with moving in. Lumber is 60% of what’s left to move in! #woodhoarder
Wheel Tire Plant Tree Wood

guess I better go work on some yard cleanup or get dinner going!
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I built a short "A Frame" with a 2' x 4' base for any sheet stock that accumulates, for the short stock it usually ends up behind the runout tables for the RAS, and I have a set of shelves above that for storage. Then again, I have a loft at each end of my shop for some lumber.
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Head was wired for sound, this morning....0700 start..half of the session was measuring for where to stick all those wires to...actual "scan" lasted 20+ minutes....was out of there by 0900....Then to McD's for the Big Breakfast...then out to Menard's for a new 4 x 36 sanding belt, a saw file , and treats for the dogs.....THEN the Boss needed to go to the store....then I took a nice long NAP.

Got bored this evening, spent about 2 hours in the shop....result?
Wood Tire Automotive tire Hardwood Automotive wheel system

All 4 corners are done...
Hand tool Wood Tool Metalworking hand tool Motor vehicle

Handle was planed flat, edge jointed, cut to shape on the bandsaw, then finished with the spokeshaves...
Wood Plank Hardwood Lumber Ruler

Needed to chop 2 stopped Mortises...then try a full dry fit..
Wood Rectangle Flooring Plank Wood stain

Once I had made all the cauls to shape..
Wood Natural material Plank Composite material Building material

Then pre-set a few clamps...
Wood Machine tool Rectangle Composite material Hardwood

About half of the clamps....anyone want to stop by and help with the glue up?

Bottle Drinkware Wine Glass bottle Alcoholic beverage

We be chilling out...
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Morning to ya! 51 clear and sunny degrees outside...with a bit of a breeze.
Doctor App. this afternoon...

MIGHT try a glue-up...later today....have to restock a supply, first..that was the last of the Guinness in the fridge...
Waaayyyy too early this morning to try to figure out the reasoning of this one . . . . . . if it weren't for the follow up photos, I would have never guessed it. Great solution !!!! (y)
Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Wood stain
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Glue up has been achieved..
Wood Lumber Gas Composite material Hardwood

Will let this sit overnight...Then we'll see...
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Whew! I spent yesterday pulling my a frames out and getting new parts cut. Better get going! Dance time!
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Waiting on second coat to dry...
Rectangle Wood Wood stain Floor Hardwood

A look at the inside...
Wood Rectangle Wood stain Hardwood Natural material

Figure next time I have to haul spoons and forks to a Family Get- together...I can haul both in this...?
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More "wood working" in the front yard. Two cords laid up and probably three more to go, after I drop the damaged big-daddy Oak. Not looking forward to taking this one down... but it's got to go.
High ways and snow flurries all day long, today.....Hopefully, Mother Nature pays her heating bills soon...

Spent most of the past week end sick as a dog, and slept through most of it....feeling a little bit better, tonight,,,not much,,just enough to show a wee bit of progress...No lumber supplies in the shop, at the moment....
A windy 42 degrees outside this morning.....not very spring -like,eh?

MIGHT be able to pick up a load of Lumber for the shop, tomorrow......will take along a sharp handsaw, AND a 10' long 1 x 6s just do not fit in a Chevy Equinox very well..

Tuesday will be a very busy day.....Eye eval....then rehab for dissiness....then 40 miles each way to visit Family Doctor to find out HOW the UTI is doing, along with the Pancreatitis, and the DT2.....going to be a LONG-arsed day....

Next Project? Will be in May....after those boards get used to the Dungeon Woodshop setting...
I did get this "thing"..
Brown Wood Gas Building material Metal

All nice, clean and shiny, yesterday.....and it is now hanging up with a #10 sized bit....will take a bit of practice to get this working....Called a "Car Builder's Brace"...aka Wimble....Millers Falls No. 7312....about 1934 era..
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I did get this "thing"..
View attachment 3873371
All nice, clean and shiny, yesterday.....and it is now hanging up with a #10 sized bit....will take a bit of practice to get this working....Called a "Car Builder's Brace"...aka Wimble....Millers Falls No. 7312....about 1934 era..
Bandit -- How do you call the swing on that thing? Good luck with all of your medical appointments.
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12" swing....from the center of the top arm.

Road Trip to buy a few sticks...
Hood Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Wood

14 planks...1 x 6 x 5' Ash....had to cut them down from 10' long, so that they would fit IN my car...
Saw Sleeve Wood Gas Carpenter

Even got a Cardio Workout while doing it...Yes, that is indeed me running the saw..
Wood Composite material Hardwood Plank Flooring

Almost done....Spent a whopping $30 for all the boards...
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Have to go and clear off the bench, today....haul a few planks to the shop...and start on laying out front and back legs for a Garden Bench.....might be some cussing involved?

Single Brain Cell Sketch is working out the "Details" at the moment....
Blanks for the 2 back legs...
Wood Thoroughfare Track Road surface Composite material

Will glue these up into 2 back legs...
Wood Composite material Gas Engineering Metal

One at a time.....

Spent most of the shoptime wrestling..
Wood Automotive tire Gas Machine Engineering

trying to get the bandsaw sitting in just the right spot to make the cuts...and NOT bang i


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Second back leg is now glued up, sitting in the clamps.

PT Rehab in a little bit....pills taken...

Morning to ya !
Last I IS a Friday!

Late night, last night...
Wood Bird Natural material Hardwood Lumber

Needed a way to clean this mess off, and NOT mess up a hand plane..
Wood Composite material Engineering Lumber Plank

Seemed to work....then clamp both back legs together...
Wood Flooring Plank Hardwood Metal

And let the big guy do his thing...
Wood Hand tool Metalworking hand tool Tool Motor vehicle

Need to lay out the front legs..
Wood Gas Plank Hardwood Lumber

Using these 2 planks....and take out the pile of scraps...
Wood Floor Hardwood Plank Composite material

IF and when it stops raining...these will be heading to the fire pit...
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