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OT - First Public Contest At (my other project)

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I'd like to share an exciting news with you and also invite you to participate in the first public contest at We silently launched Diningverse project two years ago with three other partners and kept improving it slowly but steadily. It's finally starting to grow… in summary DV is a new way to discover local, independently owned restaurants and share recommendations for these restaurants with your friends.

We're approaching our first real milestone and decided to reward a DV patron who posts the 555th recommendation with a $55 dining gift certificate (right now there are 496 restaurant recommendations posted).

Site is still pretty young so we have only Pennsylvania and Ohio moderately populated with restaurants. But if you don't see your favorite restaurant in the system (in any other state) you can also suggest it and it will be added to the site promptly.

Hope you like the site. Any feedback is appreciated as always.
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Neat! I have several that I'd like to add in the Washington, DC/Maryland/Virginia area!
just made an account…when I get time I will "suggest" some restaurants…lots in NAPA…
By the way--I was taken back by one of the rules: "YOU MUST BE HUMAN."
Ok Martin quick question: While I have not read the entire site it does say something like "promoting independently owned local restaurants." Primanti Bros in Pittsburgh is that? That's the first one I saw. And one of their first reviews is some marketing guy who caters to restaurants? That would lead me to believe that this guy is or has been on their payroll. Independent reviews?

Is there a section to refute that claim in ones opinion and state that Pimanti Bros is the ultimate greasy spoon where they slap grease soaked french fries on their sandwhiches and their steak n cheese is actually a steak um ? Had it…discusting. Beer was cold however :)
Interesting. I'll have to check into this a little more. Are Canadian restaurants eligible?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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