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Osmo oil or wax?

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Hey ljs! So im just in the middle of building a new desk out of walnut and maple. As its coming closer to the finishing stage im kinda wondering which way i want to go. Normally i use wipe on poly but what about an oil finish or wax? Has anyone ever put wax on over oil ? Just lookin for some opinions
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im a oil finish guy.mostly the maloof formula of 1/3 tung oil,1/3 linseed oil and 1/3 semi gloss poly.3-5 coats.and you can do a wax on top if you want.i figure if it was good enough for one of the most prolific woodworkers in the world it's good enough for it's just a beautiful finish that lets the wood feel natural. lately ive been using a lot of general finishes products.very high quality.
I use Osmo and really like it. Has a more natural feel than film finishes.

GF products are great if you decide to go that route.
OSMO is Wax?
Osmo Wood Wax Finish is a satin-matte wood finish which combines all the advantages of oils and waxes in one unique product.
Does not compute: Can put wax on anything?
Bare wood, oiled wood, poly coated wood, painted wood, and even cast iron!

My preferred oil/wax finish is Tried and True Original Wood finish. Apply with white plastic scuff pad. Use same pad to remove excess and buff the surface. With 2 coats, it creates a natural surface. With 3 coats it will create a hard surface, similar to BLO. With 3 coats, can polish it to a semi-gloss, or gently buff to satin finish. A satin finish has one advantage: stuff doesn't slide as easily. Can toss some papers on my freshly coated and polished work bench; they will slide off the back.

Osmo makes a similar product, it behaves nearly same; but with little more film build and gloss, IME.

There is online performance comparison of oil/wax and hardwax finishes, some where in WWW.

Okay okay good to know. Im new to the osmo oil but i absolutely love it. Im just curious if its ok for a durable finish on a desk which is why i wouldnt mind putting a wax on top of it after.
I've done wax over oil on several of my boxes, A fine finish but needs to be maintained as there is minimal protection from water and other liquid spills.

For a desk, I'd go with something that has more protection. The Osmo, though I haven't tried it, seems like a working solution. Certainly seems easy to apply and of course should eb no issues with wax over the top.
Hmmm ok. Im not too worried about water but as far as maintenance, i cant say ive used the oil long enough to know if or how much maintenance is involved
OSMO used a lot on floors so desk top shouldn't be a big concern, besides very easy to touch up or refinish if and when required.
Awesome thanks andre. Thats the kinda answer i was lookin for lol
I am going to try Rubio Monocoat on my table I'm building.
I personally like Osmo polyx more than Rubio. Seems to have more protection and looks better.

Both are outrageously priced. But it goes a long way.
I personally like Osmo polyx more than Rubio. Seems to have more protection and looks better.

Both are outrageously priced. But it goes a long way.

- CWWoodworking

I'll check with my friend who has used both. He works part time a the woodworking store that sells both.
Good finishes arent cheap fellas. You get what you pay for
Osmo PolyX gets alot of great reviews, really pops grain too.
Poly, in this case, means many, oil blend, wax blend.
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