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Options for drilling a 2" hole in hard maple

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I'm looking for options (other than a drill press) to drill a 2" hole in hard maple. I've got a drill press, but it slips and haven't figured out how to get it fixed yet. So I'm looking for options of ways I could get a 2" hole drilled into some hard maple so I can make a nut for a wood screw.

Thanks, Michael
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Do you have a hand drill? A 2" forstner bit would work.
A holesaw should work in a beefy hand drill, preferably corded. Just go slow and don't push too hard.

Another way is a circle guide with a dremel tool.
Are you needing a 2 inch disk to make the nut? or a two inch HOLE

If you want a 2 inch diameter disk drilled out of a block, then the hole saw is the way to go, just remember you want the Inside Diameter to be 2 inches so ~2 1/8 or 2 1/4 hole saw.

for the hole, as others said, beefy hand drill.

Alternatively, you can do this with a plunge router with a guide bearing… just center a pattern on the surface with double stick tape

many ways to skin a cat!
Corded hand drill and a hole saw. Just have someone ready to drive you to the ER when you break your arm - hehe. I've heard of broken wrists from doing things like this so be patient. You aren't stronger than a corded drill.
With the assumption that you're going to thread the inside of the 2" hole to make your nut then the first thing I'd do is try a new belt on my drill press.

Smart ass remarks aside, the Forstner bit in hand drill sounds like the best option. Hole saws in hard wood are a real pain in the butt - there's the tendency to over heat and burn the wood. And they're not very forgiving if you get off line while drilling - ask any plumber or electrician about the experience of having a Hole Hawg bind up on him while drilling studs.

Another approach would be to rough the hole out by drilling a ring of smaller holes and then clean it up with a router and a pattern bit.
+1 for DrDirt, plunge router with a guide bearing and a pattern.

or you can do this: Here they use a Forstner Bit, a Rabbeting Bit, then a pattern-routing bit. Works great!
Circle cutting jig and plunge router.
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