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Opinions on Powermatic 209 20" Planer

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Do any of you have this Planer? If so what is your opinion. There is one available in my area:

I talked to the guy and he will take $1600. Still not sure if that would be a good deal or not. If I took it my intention would be to install a helical head in it eventually.
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Sounds like an okay deal, bear in mind a brand new nearly identical Grizzly with a warranty is still under $2k. Local guy was selling a nice one with a Byrd head already installed for $3k. Never got a chance to look at it as he had the whole shop priced at $10k including a CNC router. Someone almost certainly jumped on that deal already as it wasn't up for even two weeks.
I have the planer; it is a good planer! Simple set up (although the infeed/outfeed tables have been tricky to set) and have thrown a huge amount of wood through it without any difficulties. If it is in good shape, I'd pay $1600 for it.
I believe the price is more than fair if it is in good condition. I would not be a buyer at that price, but it is likely fair value.

I have an older Powermatic 180 and think it is a great planer.
The guy says he bought it new in 2007 and it has been is storage for the last couple of years because he had to close down his shop. So it "should" be in good shape.

bigblock - I wont buy another Grizzly product now matter what the price. After my experience with a jointer from them. You can see my thread on that here:
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