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ooooh, spiral cutterheads for the 'rest of us'

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Asa Christiana from has bloged about this on his FWW blog it seems that Accu-Head - the maker of the spiral cutterhead for steelcity's portable planer is now offering a spiral cutterhead for many of the common planers and jointers on the market for ~$250 each… not bad.

just wanted to give you guys heads up on it, if you haven't seen this already. looks promising - but with no current experience, it's still hard to tell how well they'll perform and last.
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Looks interesting, but seems spare, with no overlap, and as if the cut were not being sheered. Maybe the competition will drive down some prices though!
From a review here ,I guess different spiral heads get different results .It will be interesting to see how this one works.
Jon, they blades dont seem to be installed at a sheer slicing angle, but they do overlap
No DeWalt 733. Booo! :)
But they do have one for the old Ridgid 13" I just picked up…..
They are also HSS and are not carbide. So time will tell how they hold up.
True. I'm not advocating for them, but it's a good product to have in the market, to open the possibilities for the future. I currently have enough spare HSS blades to last me a lifetime, so I doubt I'll do any modifications to my planer… but it looks good on paper. HSS does not last as long as carbide - but does have it's advantages when it comes to sharpness - how much difference does it make in a planer? I have no idea, as I have very little experience with planer- the first and only one I've ever used (or seen in action) is the one I own…
It is my understanding that a spiral cutter requires a little more horse power than does the knife cutters. You may want to investigate if your planer has the necessary power, before investing in the spiral cutter. pkennedy
Chris, same thought here. I picked up an older Ridgid a few months ago. Could now turn a good benchtop planer into a great one. and for the going price of an older 2-knife Ridgid planer, say $150 to $200, and a $250 spiral head cutter, this hobby can actually be affordable! but i'm quite happy with the knifes for now. Hmmm Christmas…
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