Onieda Air Systems - V3000 / V System 3000 (Rating: 5)

A little over a year ago I moved into a new house with a dedicated, not my garage too, not tripping over lawn mowers, wood shop. I was, and still am, extremely excited about it. I celebrated a bit and spent some money on a few new and really nice tools to get everything setup right, because a lot of the remodeling of our house was coming out of my shop.

This is my first real dust collector. For years I had been using a shop vac or just letting the dust fly/build up in the cabinet of my saws. And for the record, I was NOT excited about spending this much on a vacuum cleaner.

I settled on Oneida because I wanted the best separation I could get (used and loved the dust deputy on my shop vac). Ceiling height ruled out Clear-Vue, and the other brands didnt seem to have the separation results the oneida did. I did not want to have to upgrade this system down the road, and I don't think I ever will. After becoming overwhelved with information on Duct design and layout, and suppliers and fittings, I ordered everything (including the ductwork) from oneida.

I cant speak highly enough about this unit. It went together easy enough, though it did take a few hours to get everything together. After cutting out the bottom of a rafter I got it into place in an enclosed lean to outside my shop. I ran the 6" main duct through a window into my shop and it splits into two main branches.

The two 6" branches follow both long walls of my shop, and have 3 drops each.

One side:
Building Window Vehicle Wood House

6" wye to 6" duct/flex jointer,
6" wye to 6" flex for miter station
6" flex at the end of the line splits to two 4" flex hoses for my band saw.

On the other side of the room:
Building Table Wood Electrical wiring Tool

6" wye to two 4" ports for my table saw (cabinet and shark guard)
4" wye to a general use/cleanup flex hose
6" flex at the end of the line for my planer (reduces to 4" at the tool"

There are blast gates at each tool.

This system works extremely well. I am satisfied with the level of pickup at each tool (this thing pulls a ton of air!). Even at the miter saw, I would guess at least 99% of the dust is pulled into the system.

Separation has been phenomenal. Here are some pictures of the results I have been getting. 35 gallon yard container, and the corresponding dust on the filter side:

Dishware Cookware and bakeware Cuisine Table Circle

Shoe Automotive tire Automotive design Tints and shades Rim

I have let the unit overflow once… which was a huge mistake. I now check it much more frequently!
I probably fill up my 35 gallon drum once every two weeks in an average month. Other than the overflow, I have never seen any real dust build-up in the filters. I have not cleaned the filters regularly (beyond hitting them with my hand) because I do not have a compressor, but I have not noticed any significant drop in airflow.

It is also much quieter than I expected, and they are now shipping them with a muffler built into the filter stack.

Highly recommended! This has improved my efficiency in the shop dramatically,