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Oneway Stronghold or Talon?????????

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Dear turing aficionados,

My lathe is a Craftsman that will turn 16". It has a head that will swivel off to the side for bigger blocks. Would you get a Oneway Stronghold or a Talon?

I expect to have to add more jaws to any chuck.
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The Stronghold is the one "designed" for a 16" Lathe. However, I went with the Talon for my Shopsmith with a 16" swing as it is about $100 less and isn't that much smaller. The only difference that I could find between the two is the size of wood that can be attached to the Jumbo Jaws. Take a look at the min max for the jaw accessories and you can see the difference.

The jaws I have found and been told are the most useful are the #4 Profiled Jaws & Jumbo Jaws if you will be turning bowls or Platters. Both include hardware to use them as screw chucks. A good 4" faceplate is critical as is a Live Center.

Happy Turning!
Thanks, I have been looking at all the info. Without any experience, I didn't want to go too small and have to get another or the other later. But then, I hate to have one that is too big and clumsy ;-))

I'm not sure what I will get into when I get started. Sounds like the Talon would probably work just fine. If the lathe didn't have to capacity to swivel off and do oversized, I would definitely go with Talon.
The rule of thumb for turning bowls with a chuck is that the tenon that sets into the chuck should be at least 1/3rd the diameter of the bowl. For a 9" bowl you should make a tenon that is 3" or greater. I have a Talon and with the regular jaws (number 2 profile) you can open up cover a tenon that is almost 3" in diameter.

If the Talon is big enough, I recommend it. It's lighter and easier to handle than the Stronghold and it is cheaper.

IMHO - when I am turning something bigger than 9" in diameter, I think a faceplate is the better idea. So, in my case, the Talon is fine since I won't use it on the big stuff anyway. I also have a set of smaller jaws that work great for the small stuff.
The Talon has jaws that will go as down to near '0' don't they?

Just posted another questin on the general "chuck" thread. Wasn't paying enouigh attention to where I was :)) Guess it was a good plug for Oneway at least. Go Canada!!!!!!, (if it ain't made in USA) :))
I have a set of the small jaws for my Talen and they will go down very close to zero. I know you can grab something that is an 1/8" in diameter but I don't think you could grab something that was 1/16".

They are also very good for putting the jaws into a hole and tightening by expanding the chuck. Warning - Don't do this unless there is some real "meat" around the hole. The outward pressure can break the wood.
I just googled faceplate. I think that solves my curiousity and question about the Talon ever being too small. Thanks for the comments and sage advice :)
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