Onieda Air Systems - Oneida Steel Dust Deputy (Rating: 5)

I recently bought the steel version of the dust deputy at $129.00. Two days later Oneida upped the price to 199.00, so I got in just in time. I went with the steel version because often I vacuum up metal swarf from my machine shop tools as well as wood dust. This unit is well built heavy steel with a thick powder coat. I purchased a 14 gallon Eagle brand container with a removable clamped top. The Eagle Container is fantastic extremely heavy HDPE plastic that won't collapse under pressure like a 5 gallon bucket. It was purchased on Amazon for $29 with free shipping. A great buy.

So far this set up works just like the plastic dust deputy versions, just more heavy duty. I was pressed to buy this at 129.00 and $20 to ship…probably wouldn't do it at the new price $219, as Oneida has made this product overpriced.

My only complaint is the unit has 2" inlet and outlets, as this size doesn't accommodate any standard shop vac hoses. Oneida includes a gray rubber adapter to go to a 2-1/2" standard shop vac hose, but you really need two adapters and for $129, the should have included two. So if you purchase this steel version buy an additional adapter