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Oneida SuperCell or Dust Gorilla Pro and spiral or Norfab ducting?

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I'm looking at going Oneida for a new dust collection setup for my shop. This is my dream shop. I plan on being in it a long time and am willing to spend extra when/where it makes sense and can afford to do so. After talking with a rep I'm trying to figure out what dust collection system to build around and looking for advice from others that might have used one of these.

I would like to run my dust collection to a wall where I have my miter saw (1.5" and planning a 2.5" port in the back to collect dust there), a spindle sander (2.5"), Drill press (2.5"). Obviously, these are tools you might normally run a shop vac to but I'd like to use the dust collector if possible just to simplify and because I don't have a spot of a shop vac there. Also, I have a SawStop PCS cabinet saw that ideally, I'd like to add the overarm dust collection eventually.

The rep gave me two options he said would work best:

The Supercell, which will he said will handle all my tools, the small stuff included, with no problem. The Only downside is that the Sawstop if I add the dust collection arm (another 4" port) he said it will be noticeably less effective. How much makes a huge difference so If anyone has this setup please let me know. Also, I can't run two tools at once with the supercell, not a deal breaker for my one man shop but it might be later on if I get a CNC.

The Dust Gorilla Pro. This unit has the smart boost feature which is supposed to boost CFM's when a smaller 2.5" port is detected. It has no issues handling multiple tools or the Sawstop with arm. I'm not sure how it will work with the 1.5" and 2.5" ports for the miter saw though. It's definitely future-proof, but it's also a lot more expensive.

When I asked about ducting he very clearly leaned towards the spiral duct because of the price difference. He said it was hard to install and change later but that it was ~40% less expensive. While I like the idea of the Norfab quick connect stuff it doesn't sound like the best option. Is there a good reason I'm missing why still might want to consider the quick connect stuff?
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I wrote up a review of the Supercell. if you want details.

Short answer - Supercell is a great shop vac and DC with a relatively small footprint. It is loud so plan to wear hearing protection when using it. I use the 4" hose Oneida sells and a simple manifold. I also have the 2.5" vac hose that I use for the DP, router fence, and vacuuming the floor. No ductwork. Sounds like you might have talked to the same rep I did.

IMO the Supercell is more than adequate for what you describe. Getting the sawdust into the DC is the real challenge. An overarm DC for the saw will help with that to some extent.
I went with the ClearView giant 5 HP. Overkill for my shop as I only use one machine at a time. It was about the same price as the Oneida. But boy does it suck! I was running new power anyway.

The Harvey machines are interesting. I thought about one sitting under my outfeed, but would still need a bunch of duct work to the other tools.

Point source collection is still the problem. Sure, a Shark overarm is better than OEM, drop down tops for sleds, and I even made a down-draft for my miter saw. Enough to keep air-born dust down, but no way to be totally clean.
I have been considering similar options too. If you are using it with anything less than 4" hoses, I think that that the Supercell is the way to go. As you drop the hose size on a traditional DC, the CFM drops significantly and the much lower suction strength (static pressure) barely increases. So you are moving much less air with only slightly better suction. On paper, the Supercell appears to do a better job of having a good CFM for large hoses and suction more like a shop vac on small ones. With the Dust Gorilla, you will want to have a separate shop vac or dust extractor for small hose collection and general shop clean up. That might be a good idea depending upon your shop setup but it looks to me like the Supercell can actually perform both tasks fairly well.

Edit: I just realized that you were looking at the Dust Gorilla Pro not the mini. While it's boost does double the suction on smaller hoses compared to typical DCs, it is still significantly less than the Supercell.
I just installed the 5hp dust gorilla. It's my first and only dust collector I've ever had. It works spectacularly. I read for weeks on end about cfm vs inches of water and was concerned that the gorilla would be disappointing in that regard. I was leaning towards the supercede just for that reason.

When I first turned on the dust gorilla I placed my hand in front of one of the ducts near the tablesaw and it just sucked my hand right towards it from about 6 inches a away. Seems like enough inches of water to me. Very powerful. It gets all the dust from my table (except a touch from lack of over arm collection, because I haven't had time yet to install it)

I think especially considering you may go with larger equipment in the future you may like the gorilla.

As far as ducting goes, check out "the blast gate co"
They have a nordfab compatible product for a reasonable price. I was able to run about 80 ft of 5 inch ducting with a variety of elbow and a Y for $1,500 ish. I really liked being able connect, change my mind, disconnect, and reconnect all without screws.
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I've been using the supercell for several months now. I continue to be very impressed. My hobby shop's tools have no dust ports larger than 4", and I use it on 1" and 1.5" ports for sanders and my Shaper Origin with great success as well. As a 1 man shop, it does everything I've asked of it. I ran 4" S&D pipe, necked down to 2" ABS in some areas. Even with flex hose extensions for remote tools and general clean up, it works just super. I currently automating the whole thing and it's made it even more powerful. Supercell is perfect for my shop!
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