Onieda Air Systems - Mini Gorilla (Rating: 4)

I was searching for a portable (one machine at a time) dust collector for my basement shop. After much research and anguish I settled on the Oneida Air Systems Mini Gorilla. Oneida cut the price to $795.00 and threw in a plastic Dust Deputy DIY cyclone. They also cut the price on the remote control upgrade to $30. I was vacillating between the Jet DC-1100 CK (Canister Filter) and the Mini Gorilla. The Jet had the higher CFM, but I wondered how long would I have 1100 CFM, was the filter going to clog? The Mini Gorilla had 600 CFM but that should remain constant do to the cyclonic design. I also like the fact that the Mini Gorilla could be upgraded to a HEPA filter. As a bonus the Mini Gorilla was made in the US.

I ordered the Mini Gorilla with the remote control upgrade and a HEPA filter upgrade. It arrived in 3 boxes via UPS in 5 days from my order placement. Shipping weight was approximately 150 pounds. I was very impressed with how the unit was packaged and boxed. The unit just screams quality. The fit and finish is excellent. I had the unit together in under an hour. The assembly was simple and straightforward.

My current Dust Collection needs are for the following, Spindle Sander, Dewalt 10" contractor saw, Jet 6.25" Jointer, Jet 14" Band saw, Lathe and miscellaneous small tools.
I have tested the Dust Collector on my Jointer and was quite pleased with the results. The sound level is much better than my shop vacuum. I do have a Dylos .5 micron air particle tester (http://www.dylosproducts.com) so I will be monitoring for small dust escapes.