Grizzly - customer service (Rating: 1)

Good afternoon LJ's I am posting a review of customer service by Grizzly, Their attitude really stinks and their way of doing things does too. 241 days ago Not even a year yet I purchased and did a review on this machine well today I rue the day I left Delta to try the Bear :( I have been left handling a bunch of bear SH** as nice as I try to be it seems that I must write this blog to warn others of the crap I am facing!!!!!

Here's the scoop back in July I broke the dust hood nothing major just a piece of simple plastic and with most other brands they would just send another one , WRONG they back ordered it till the end of NOVEMBER!!!!!
plus talking to their tech support about the drum cutting the rolls of paper making a chatter due to a bearing problem that cropped up, and a circuit breaker that constantly trips and getting excuses not results I am FED UP WITH GRIZZLY!!!!! I have a 1973 Delta/Rockwell 6" Jointer I can get parts for Except for some bronze bushing you can find at any machine store. Delta would send me the parts off of a new saw in their warehouse ( done it before) To make sure my experience is great with their tools. well LJ's Grizzly seems to not care and I will do my best not to buy another power tool From them again.