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One piece higher after glue-up

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Just glued up a tabletop. One piece is higher than the others by 1/16". Not sure what is the best way to get the high piece flat with the others. I have a belt sander, orbital sander and router. My planer is only 13" wide so I cannot send the tabletop through the planer. There is a local shop with a planer wide enough to fit the tabletop, but they charge $50. I feel like that's too expensive for putting one tabletop through.
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I am kind of confused, did you not look at the glue up before leaving it? With something like a panel glue up I am checking and rechecking as I am clamping and after. I usually hang around long enough for the squeeze out to gel over good and scrape it off. I also would like to know is it up over the whole length, a bow, one end?
It was up (too high) over the entire length. I tried to unclamp and move the piece back down after about 10 minutes of clamping when I noticed how bad it was, but it wouldn't budge. Used Titebond II wood glue.
I decided to go with ripping along the glue joint using my circular saw guided by a piece of MDF. I didn't get the blade exactly dead even between the joint (new to wood working), so some dry glue remained on one edge. So I used a straight router bit to edge joint both edges again. Then re-glued. Took me about 40 minutes since all of my tools were already set up. Turned out perfect. Thanks for the help!
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