R yobi - ZRRE180PL1G 10 Amp 2 Peak HP Plunge Router (Rating: 5)

To give Ryobi more than 2 star rating is pretty good, considering I am not a huge fan of most of their products.

So for a plunge router, this is a good router to have whether you are a novice or a pro.
It has plenty of power to do any job you need it to do. easy controls for speed changes. the on off switch is with in thumb reach, the plunge mechanism is nice and smooth. quickly locks and unlocks, and easy to do so with both hands on the router,, ergonomically it is very comfortable in the hands. you have a positive stop for setting your plunge to the depth you need. Noise level is about average for routers in this category. I really like it, you can get this at home depot cheaper than through amazon. I bought mine a couple years ago for $99. I just checked Home Depot site and it is still listed at that price. Which is a great price for any router. One last final thing I like most, It has a 1/4 collet adapter so I can go from bits with 1/4 inch shank up to 1/2 in shank. (this save me from 1 buying a new router with a 1/4" collet, 2 I don't have to replace all of my 1/4 inch shank router bits with 1/2 inch bits
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