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Olson Band Saw Blades

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Ace hardware has Olson Hard Edge Flex Back Band Saw Blade for $13.99 Are these blades any good? My wife works at an Ace and I can get her store discount but if it's not a good blade or price there seems to be no point in it.

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I have used them very sharp, last a long time, at $14 cant go wrong 8)
Would buy them, if have blades I use & need.
I don't think this offer is unique to my area. I think it's a national thing. If you have an Ace in your area and use Olsen I would check it out. The only question I might have of Ace is do they have a blade I can use or are the blade width or number of teeth of use to me.

I use Olsen blades on my 14" Ridgid (1/8, 3/16, and 1/4"). I bought them to get me through a weekend when I got this saw rehabbed and didn't figure they would last long. They have been a very pleasant surprise and are still cutting well over a year after I bought them!
Thanks gfadvm. From you that's a great endorsement.
I've never used them on the big saw and never used anything wider than 1/4" so bear that in mind.
I can get select Olson locally, they work well. I have used 1/4" - 1/2" for general cutting. Cut nice, track nice, good welds, with a decent cutting life. I don't think I have ever had a problem with one.

I need to resaw often and can't get the Olson resaw blades locally, so I have been using Timberwolf bands. From what I have read the Timberwolf and Olson have very similar resaw results - only the Olson is much cheaper. I'll be ordering some Olson resaw blades to try out next.
I wish i would have known this sooner. Just ordered 3 blades for 12" Craftsman online. I could have saved money on the blades and shipping. So far, these blades have exceeded my expectations!
Do they carry 105" long blades for saws with the 6" riser?
Mr.Ron, I am not sure. You might check by going to the web site. Type band saw blades in the search area. I bought two more blades this morning. My wife is retiring from the story in a couple of weeks and wanted to make sure I could buy them with her discount. :)

If you can get the Olson "All-Pro" series, they are pretty good blades.
They do wear out with frequent resawing, but so do all steel bandsaw blades.
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