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Old wood sole plane

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The top hand plane in this picture has a wood bottom to it.
Were they very easy to adjust and use

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Hard to tell from that pic but it looks like a Sargent transitional
Looks like a #23 transitional, but I'd need a better look at the lever cap. Is there a stamping on the toe?
I'm not sure if absolute ID is needed to answer the question. The tansitional planes were made with a wooden sole, but their adjusting hardware was much alike the standard Stanley bench planes with a frog, and adjuster, an iron and a chipper. So no, adjustment and use was pretty straight forward.

Patrick makes fun of them, until he has one to sell, then he'll tell you what I just did.

He calls them the firewood planes. :)
Some people actually like them better than he all metal planes. They say the beech wood slides along the material being worked more easily…...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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