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Old Teak

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I have used Teak while in a shop several years ago so I know about the usual cleaning with Denatured Alcohol or Acetone before glueup but I was wondweing about old weathered Teak. My brother in law brought over about 45ea. 1"X6"X36" removed from a patio deck. The wood is a little beat from the elements and I was wondering if the oil would still be present in the wood enough to affect glueup.

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What, No Teak Workers?
If in doubt go for if.
Well, normally if I was just going to do a quick small project I would just do that but I'm expecting at least 2 or 3 more loads of this for a bunch of small boxes and If I can save time, that would be nice.

i don't much about teak but i'd just assume it needs cleaned as if it was new
that would be better than finding out later when the project fell apart
good luck
Thanks Hootr, I know that's the best approach. I was just trying to save time since this is not a very profitable job. But then again, It would be worst to have to remake them down the road.

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