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I believe that a mobile dust collector should be just that…. MOBILE. In my last shop I had a friends Jet and needed to give it back when we left. So I really couldn't do much with it. But it constantly got stuck with those tiny wheels on the smallest of debris. And then there was the top heavy tip over problem.

I can't have a dedicated collector with all the wonderful duct work moving all around to each station… Mine must be mobile.

I may not have solved things completely, but I did make it better (IMHO). With the newly aquired TS I was able to pick up also MY own Penn State Industries Mobile Dust Collector.

Here are the modifications that I made. Rather simple and probably crude but so far it's working. Notice, I drilled the holes through the already support struts for the wheels. (I can now alway go back and replace them if desired.)

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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