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Old Planes Cheap - SOLD

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I have a couple of old planes in my shop that are gathering dust. I need to get rid of them by selling or the trash.

There is a pair of Tongue and Groove from Ohio Tool and the Tongue is about 5/16" wide.

Artifact Wood Triangle Metal Font

Blue Wood Font Gas Rectangle

There is one plane that is some type of molding.

Gesture Wood Artifact Art Sledgehammer

Blue Wood Rectangle Natural material Electric blue

The last is some type of multiplancne that is incomplete with two irons.

Wood Electric blue Auto part Tool Metal

Make me an offer and you pay shipping or pick up in NW Indiana


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Don't trash them if no one is interested. Give them to a historical museum.
I will offer these free but you pay shipping. If no one wants them in a week, then they go out in trash.
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I'll gladly take them and pay shipping. Email [email protected]
Well looks like I'm too late.
Thanks for the interest but these are going to a new home.
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