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Old Craftsman Planer-Molder

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I just bought an older Craftsman planer-molder model # 306.233751, 5 HP running on 240v. I just installed both in-feed and out-feed rollers and tried it out today and I am getting a "Bump" when the stock reaches the out-feed roller. I loosened the out-feed roller and I still get the bumping. The in-feed roller is a bit tight to but does feed as long as I tip the stock up in the rear of it to get it started. I do have the in-feed roller set to factory tensions. Also, how can I set the height so I can put a new self stick ruler on the planer to get an accurate measurement of the thickness of my cut? The old one was barely readable. (no dust collection, what a pain)

Thanks in advance guys.
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It's a Belsaw. Good score.

I can't remember exactly, but the roller tension and vertical
position adjustment is rather crude. It sounds like the roller
may be a little low and/or under a bit too much tension. If
it doesn't put a divot in the work, I wouldn't fuss with it. If
it is marking the work, you may find that sticking a washer
under the spring on each side changes the tension/height
relationship favorably.

The height adjustment screws are rather well-done on the
Belsaw, though they can wear and get sloppy there's not
much backlash. Leave the handle on and you'll be able
to see the table position creeping by the location of the
handle, if it's creeping at all. With some head scratching
you should be able to mount a $30 6" DRO on the machine.
You can spend more but they all are pretty much the
same I'll wager. Check ebay for 6" dro.

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if you call belsaw (info in my blog) they are very helpful. It's worth the call.

I paid $36 for mine. The dust collection isn't very good, but I love the planer.
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