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Old Computer Manuals = Log like entity?

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I have a bunch of old computer manuals where some are almost 1000 pages and hate to just dump them. I guess in a TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) scenario I got plenty of TP, or fire material, but I would love to make something more useful.
I've thought about doing a table top in the vein of the end cut cutting board or table top.
Ideally I would get cut the books into 1/3's or in 1/2, get the top edges all flush, bolt or glue them together, then build a frame around them and cut the bottom edge even. After assembly I'd like to put some sort of clear finish on it to show it off.

The big question that I have is do I try to glue the pages together? Wet glue and expanding pages would pose a problem.

Your thoughts?
Guess I have a project for the week, or maybe should finish the other table….
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I wouldn't glue the pages together. If I'm picturing it correctly, I would just assemble as you like and pour a clear 2-part epoxy bar-coating over the whole thing.
Something like this. We used to use this product back in the "70's". Still going strong after all these years.
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