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OK Who was Born on February 29th?

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Just checking to see just how many of you gray haired folks out there are finally getting old enough to drink now that you are 21, or at least vote at 18 now that today is YOUR birthday?

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My 32 yr. old daughter is 8 today. I'll buy her a Shirley Temple when we take her to dinner tonight.
My brother was born a few hours after midnight, on 3/1/60. Missed it by that few hours.

I still think he acts more like a 12 year old than a 50 year old, but …. ;-)
Yeah, my sister was born on Valentine's Day, though I swear it was February 29th!
Geez, the day is almost over and we have NO ONE who was born on February 29th? With an LJs population of 20-30,000 that would mean 50-75 LJS were born on this day. Happy B-Day.
How do you arrive at that figure, HM? By my figuring (which could be wrong), I get 13 to 20.
20,000 / 366 = ~55
30,000 / 366 = ~82

Assume equal spread of B-Days.
Only 1 out of 1461 days is 2/29
Ah - you're assuming there's a Feb 29 every year (1 per 366 days). There's only one every 4 years, or 1 per 1461.

Edit: muleskinner by a nose!
I agree with JJohnston's numbers. There is only one chance to be born on 02/29 every four years.

In the nearly useless information department:
The only notable person known to have both been born and died on February 29 was Sir James Wilson (1812-1880), Premier of Tasmania.
Still, even if only a quarter of LJs are regular participants, we should have 3 or 4.
Maybe they are all too busy celebrating their birthday to respond to this thread. When it only happens once every four years, you don't want to miss a minute of it!
Yeah, what a ripoff - you wait 4 years for your birthday to come around, and it's on a Wednesday.
THAT is why I don't do math ;-)

But still… anybody born on Feb 29th?
JJohnston - I memorized that stat 32 years ago.
been thinking all day about how i wish i knew someone with a birthday today
Hey Mike!!

I just got back. I've been a little "Under The Weather" for a while now and noticed your Post here and it's only 5:50 AM so I thought I'd give it a try. ...LOL..

I like this Post! !!! .....A Friend is a "Leaper" and She asked me to do some Research into Leap Year a while back.

Out of Respect for YOU for Posting this GOOD Topic In Non-Shop Talk Buddy …...................


If some of this stuff is a little SMALL or to LARGE ….TIP: Hit and Hold "Control" or "Ctrl", at the same time use The Mouse Wheel to Zoom In, Or Out. I can take this Page down to about 2" Wide doing that. ALSO Can Do: "Ctrl", Hold and Hit (+) or (-) Key at the same time, and same result.

Yes! 1461 is the Correct Chance. That's to balance out Clock time over the Year for Revolutions around the Sun which works out to: 365 Days / 5Hours / 49 Minutes / 12 Seconds. ...LOL…

Most of the following came from "The Honor Society Of Leap Year Day Babies" Members are known as "Leapers" NOT "Leaplings" as shown in one of the "News" Articles below.

Right behind that is another "News" Article about "Sadie Hawkins Day". It's Wrong also. Sadie Hawkins Day is on November 15th. It Came from Al Capp in His Comic Strip "Lil' Abner" that Debuted on November 15th. 1937.

On Leap Year Day, Ladies were allowed to Propose to the Men. 2 Cards are below…(UH OH!! ) At a Sadie Hawkins Dance, the Ladies ask the Men to dance. (I can Handle That! )

A List of "Famous Leapers" is also shown i.e "The Pocket Rocket", Montreal Canadians, 29th., 1936. and a seperate Article on "The Man!!". Also Jimmy Dorsey …1904, Dinah Shore ...1916, Al Rosen ….1924 and and and and…SUPERMAN!!! Also a LOT of American Atheletes.

Any Questions …Ya'll let me know …Hear??


Font Drawing Illustration Art Gesture


Balloon Font Terrestrial plant Event Happy


Sleeve Gesture Collar People in nature Sharing


Martini glass Tableware Stemware Liquid Drinkware


Motor vehicle Font Circle Nickel Automotive wheel system


Font Parallel Electric blue Screenshot Document


Font Material property Screenshot Number Document


Font Number Parallel Screenshot Document


Tie Font Terrestrial plant Collar History


On Leap Year Day 1980

Rectangle Font Circle Number Handwriting


They're Coming To Get You!!!

Water Art Sky Painting Lake

Textile Painting Art Illustration Vintage clothing

Still one of my Favourites!

Organ Organism Cartoon Font Illustration


What are The ODDS for these next two??

Font Rectangle Screenshot Number Terrestrial plant


Font Parallel Screenshot Document Number


Even Bowser Get's in on it!!

Font Document Number Screenshot Terrestrial animal


They even have their own Trademark Tattoo!!

Frog True frog Toad Terrestrial animal Amphibian


OH! That first Part about My Friend? They say that being your own Best Friend is a Good Idea.

I have to agree with that statement, especially Here & Now!!

YEP! Ats'a ME! The Birthday Boy Yakking at Ya'll!!

17 Years Young as of ….well …now it's Yesterday!!

Best Regards To ALL You Great LJ'ers!!

Rick His Self


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Me Again …LOL…..

For some reason they wouldn't let me Post the Last Document on "EDIT".

This is it!!! Just in case…... HA!

Handwriting Font Rectangle Parallel Signature


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THAT is why I don't do math ;-)

Okay let's put it in terms you're familiar with
Sleeve Handwriting Grey Font Chalk


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Geez Rick, in 2016 you will FINALLY be old enough to vote you young rascal you!

And Muleskinner… Is that some kind of alien language or whut? ;-)
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