Peachtree Woodworking - Foldable Earmuffs (#4205) (Rating: 2)

I bought a spray system from peachtree woodworking on black friday, and on a whim I added two sets of these earmuffs to the order because they were on sale for under $10, normal price $14.99.

As far as hearing protection goes, they worked OK - until they broke.

Comfort:3/5. They weren't uncomfortable, but it wasn't like Pamela Anderson was covering my ears with her ample bosom either.

Fit: 3/5. Even after adjusting the lengths, they just didn't sit right. The spring of the band put more pressure on top than on the bottom, so the bottom didn't seem to seal all the way.

Sound Muffling: 4/5. About the same as the other cheapo sets you can get at any borg or HF. These were more than adequate for the regular tools like a bandsaw, sander or lathe. But they just didn't cut it when running the planer or some of my metalworking gear. That's not a major problem for me because I have more expensive earmuffs for those tools (I'm trying to get one stationed near every noisemaker in the workshop).

Durability: 0/100. I bought them on Black Friday, it took a week for the order to arrive. They broke on Christmas Eve. That's about 3 weeks of owning them, and less than a dozen on/off cycles. The little plastic piece that holds the earpiece to the band broke. It is a thin plastic piece that snaps over side of the earpiece. It is about the thickness of a sheet of toilet paper (the dollar store stuff, not the Charmin.). I wasn't doing anything abusive when it broke, I was just taking them off after making a cut on the bandsaw. I don't know my hat-size, but I'm sure I'm not a fatty and I wasn't stretching them to their limits. It's just a cheap piece on a cheap tool.

So that's my observation. My suggestion is not to buy them, there are plenty of other ones out there to try.