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we don't get many tornadoes around here… maybe 5-10 a year, and they're usually quite small and short lived. The exception being Joplin which isn't too far away.

but if there is a severe storm or tornado watch within 100 miles you can guarantee that you will not be watching your favorite programs on the TV. it got to a point around here that the news stations were doing stories on the amount of storm coverage they were doing, and how much better it was than the other stations, and that they will be the "first on and last off." one weathergirl said no-one wants to be the first to go back to programming, so everyone is waiting eachother out, and you end up having two straight hours of storm coverage for a storm that has the potential to spawn a tornado.

i get the importance of notifying the public of approaching danger, but local papers were pointing out the danger of reporting too much… and the TV stations finally got the hint, and then last year all their adds were pointing out that they are not going to be the station that is running up the scare like the other stations…

it's all quite silly, really… i mean the war between the TV stations, not the tornadoes.
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