Grizzly - G0690 10" 3 HP Cabinet Saw (Rating: 5)

First of all, I love this machine. It's been great, had it since Christmas. But it didn't start off that way. I've had a few problems right from the start. As you can see from the first picture it's a beautiful saw, just doesn't have the Fence installed. Thats because it was shipped with the fence for a G0771. Worked with Grizzly support and let them know of the shipping mishap and they took care of it without a problem. I also found a few other problems; while cleaning it off I noticed that there was a mark along the front of the riving knife. When I tried to wipe it off it was actually a hairline fracture and the tip of the knife fell off. You can see that in the second picture on top of the box for the fence that was shipped. Luckily this didn't fall off while testing the blade and become a projectile. Again Grizzly support worked with me and sent me a whole new riving knife and blade guard assembly, apparently it's a package deal. Now the one I've seen a lot of complaints about, and I had the same problem, was the cheap manufacturing of the shop fox mobile base. I'm thinking I can change the wheel assembly to rid myself of the wobble wheel problem before it falls completely apart, but I have yet to do that.

The latest go around is again a shipping issue. I purchased the Long Rail Kit, Extension Table, Zero Clearance insert, as well as a few other parts; and all seemed well, until I started to install the Rail Kit. I should have known better when the box was taped over with tape that said Tyvek and had no shipping straps. But as you can see from the last picture this appears to have been a returned item that was shipped to me. Someone had notched out the rail as well as widened some of the holes as if to fit it on a different saw. The support leg assemblies were missing as well as all the hardware (other than what was bolted together). I have just this week gotten the mess boxed back up and taped it much better this time. I've last heard from Grizzly support that my "replacement" has been shipped and that has me a little worried. You know how my New Purchase has now become a "replacement" item has me thinking that I'm going to get another returned/used item of poor quality.

Again, like I first said; I love this saw, it's a great saw. But, product handling has got some major problems. Out of the two purchases I've made with Grizzly, both have had problems. Now if you count the number of items I've purchased it doesn't look so bad. Table saw, Mobile Base, Boeshield (great stuff), Freud Dado Set, 5pc Safety set (crap but push stick is okay), Clamping Miter Gauge, Extension Kit, Long Rail Kit, Blast Gate Holders, Zero Clearance inserts. 3 out of 10 isn't too bad of numbers, but I have yet to wrestle with the Zero Clearance inserts.