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Some progress

I made some progress on routing the legs for my octagonal table that I blogged about last time.
Some of you remember that the oak was "grabing" on the router bit and the leg would shatter.

From the advise I got, I set the following goal in my last blog:
-Scroll saw /jigsaw very close to the cut line
-Sand some
-Pay attention to grain direction changes
-Pattern route the leg

Well I stuck close to the above outline and the wood did not shatter.

I still have few small "nics" that will go with sanding and 1 bigger one that will require some thinking or maybe filling.

I started on the scrollsaw and after 3 blades I cut out the inside. I obviously could not use the bandsaw because of the enclosed areas. I lost 3 blades partly because the thickness and hardness of the Oak, my inexperience with scrollsaws and also the wrong type of blades. The blades I have on hand were rated up to 1/2 inch; I am using 4/4 oak for this project.

Some of you will see that I deviated a little with the scrollsaw and created a small problem area.

I sanded some area where I was not close to the routing line as I wanted to take very little material with the router.

I then headed to the router table. I decided to use a bushing for 2 reasons:
-the templale I have (made by a friend with a CNC router) was wider than I wanted.
-I wanted my piece to be on the top so I can see grain direction changes.

With the bushing, instead a flush top bearing bit, I achieved those 2 goals

The reasult was pretty good.

Now time to cut out the outside of the leg on the bandsaw and some more flush pattern routing (top bearing bit this time):

The final result turned out pretty good. I got some damages as you see in the picture below. the call for dinner resonate through the house and I had to finish so I miss the grain direction change. I also chamfered the edges.
Wood filler maybe, epoxy with saw dust, open to ideas…

The two small circled area, I think I can sand; they are not deep.
The bigger area need some serious thinking.

Advise and criticism are welcome as always, that how I learn. Any thoughts please do not hesitate.
I never blocked anyone and never will.

Thanks for looking.
Do it over and do it right. It's only a piece of wood so far.
You want it to be furniture and your name will be on it.

Lessons learned.
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