Nuvo - Wood Screws (Rating: 5)

Cognoscenti in the woodworking world know that the finest screw available till now is the Robertson square drive.

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Can't be beat.

Its finest current expression is the Quadrex type-

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- with its combination Philips/Robertson drive, a cut point self drilling feature and with countersinking nibs under the flat head. A modern deep root design.

Till now.

New to our shop is the Nuvo screw, a much improved variation on the Canadian designed Robertson. It has three surprising features that add up to make it the new king.

1. A very effective pre-drill. While it is available in the T17 cut point tip, we like the unusual spiral ZYX style shown as it causes less splitting and takes less power to drive.
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2 Spiral countersinking nibs. These produce much less tear out than the conventional style while again requiring less power to seat. Nothing beats a carbide tipped dedicated countersink for sure but for many construction work projects who has the time or the need?

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3. A marvelous new head design. What they have done is add four lobes at the corners of the square socket which allow the driving force to be in line with the steel at eight points. The upshot of this is that the screw is unshakeable from the driver and simply will not cam out. Tests that I have performed show me that the amount of pressure needed downwards, the amount needed to keep the driver engaged with the screw - is almost negligible.
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In addition, they are nickel plated with very smooth surfaces throughout.
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Standard Robertson drivers will power these screws and dedicated Nuvo drivers will power Quadrex type heads, but not Robertson. The bits themselves are modestly priced ($1-$2) and appear to be reasonably well made.

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Hand drivers do not seem to be available as yet.
Pricing is competitive in bulk and there is easy supply in Canada but only a sole US distributor so far.
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So mon confreres, if you drive screws for a living this may be of great interest to you. You might think, "Ahh, a new screw, so what".
Try just one and you will be sold.

A European design, made in Asia, distributed from Quebec.


Embedded videos from YouTube are not possible at the moment so here are the links instead. Really worth a look.

A Nuvo corporate video demonstrating the product. While the presenter might better have been a burly guy in a checked shirt, well…..

Not much of a believer in advertising I set up my own half baked test to confirm their edge splitting and pre-drilling claims. This is a 1 3/4" #8 going into 1 1/4" fine grained, really dense white oak. Notice the 14.4v drill laboring to drive the Quadrex in the second half of the clip and not being quite able to make it flush.

Here is the comparison of the countersinking abilities after the test.
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A Canadian distributor, see above for others.!nuvo-catalogue

A US distributor

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