JET - JJP-10BTOS 10-Inch Bench Top Jointer/Planer (Rating: 4)

Last August I purchased a Jet 10" Combination Jointer/Planer, and last weekend I finally got to give it a real workout. I had 3 pieces of 6/4 Cherry all 10' long ranging in width from about 5" up to nearly 9". I needed to mill them all down to the exact same thickness so I could glue them up and make one massive cherry counter top 9' 3" long and 17" deep. Me and my Jet got to spend 5 hours of quality time with each other.

The good:

1 - The price on this unit is hard to beat even if you are only looking for a Jointer. I see people all the time doing the "can I get by with a 6" jointer or do I go up to 8"..." Well, I've got 10", and I really don't think I could have done what I did with an 8" jointer this weekend.

2 - Dust collection on the Planer is really very good. I just have a big Shop Vac with a Dust Deputy attached to it and Planer put out next to no shavings onto the floor.

3 - Did I mention it was 10" wide?

4 - The fence is reasonably sturdy, and it is nice and tall.

5 - While the table is not HUGE, it was certainly big enough that I was handling the 10' boards without problem.

The not so good:

1 - The dust collection on the Jointer only catches maybe 60% of the shavings.

2 - The infeed on the Planer is way to short before the blade engages, so you need to pay attention.

3 - The whole unit is VERY light, and once or twice I found myself putting a foot on the cross brace of the stand to keep it seated firmly on the floor.

Now that being said, for normal stuff (working on 10' long boards is not normal for me) 6' long or less, this will be great addition to my shop. And hey, I have a 10" jointer.