Nova - DVR XP (Rating: 5)

I've had my Nova DVR XP about 16 months and I guess it's about time to post my review and let other LJ's know how I like it. Well, I just Love it. For my crowded shop it's the perfect heavy duty lathe. The DVR has a 16" swing and 24" between centers. It features a 1.75 hp at 115 v or 2.3 hp at 230 v. The DVR is a direct drive variable speed lathe with a speed range from 100 to 3500 rpm. #2 Morse Taper, 1.25×8 headstock threads. It features a 360 degree swivel headstock with stops at 0, 22.5, 45 & 90 degrees. Spindle index at 15 degrees giving 24 stops. There is just so much information on this lathe that I could add here but that would take a lot of time and bore most of you so I'll get on with it.

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I particularly like the swivel headstock because it makes turning the inside of bowls much easier. I normally use the 22.5 degree stop but depending on the depth of the bowl I can use the 45 degree stop too. Anything more than that and you'd need the outrigger tool rest.

Swiveling the headstock is easy, just use the lockout bar to loosen the headstock and swing it around, then tighten.
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When returning the headstock it's easy to realign the headstock and tailstock. However, I do use a #2 Morse Taper Alignment Tool from Packard just to make things easier and take the guesswwork out of it.
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As i said, I love this lathe. It has all the power I need for larger bowls. The DVR motor only inputs enough power to maintain the set speed thus saving a bit on electricity. It also senses abnormal turning conditions and will automatcaly shut down the spindle if it detects a hard catch or the spindle lock is engaged. I've turned everything from pens to bottle stoppers to bowls to pepper mills with no trouble. The DVR is especially nice when it comes to boring the holes for pepper mills. It just rocks along. The spindle runs true and is very smooth.

The electronic power control has 5 presets for turning speeds. The default startup speed is 500 rpm and is the #2 speed setting. All of the preset speeds can be set to whatever speed you want except for the default setting. It can be set lower but not higher than the 500 rpm's. I have set my presets at 250, 500, 1200, 1800 & 2300 rpm's to suit my needs. I can go up or down from those to suit conditions.

I mounted the Nova DVR on the stand I made a few years ago for my smaller Rikon lathe. My stand is plenty big enough and heavy enough to support the 183 lbs Nova. For turning larger, heavier blanks that are out of round and unbalanced I found that I needed to take the adjustable feet off the cabinet and remove the two larger bottom drawers. I then drove heavy wedges under the corners to take the weight off the wheels and added 4 60# bagts of tube sand where the drawers were. It no longer moves when turning heavier pieces. I guess with a heavy duty lathe you need a heavy duty, stable bench to work off of.

This lathe is an absolute joy to turn on. It heavy enough for large bowls and small enough for the space challenged shop. Optional accessories that I may have need for in the future include the outrigger tool rest and 20" bed extention. Other accessories are available. If you have a small shop with limited space and want a heavy duty lathe, check this one out.