Nova - DVR Galaxi 1644 (Rating: 5)

In my first review of this new lathe, I brought up 3 things that I felt needed improvement. One was the tailstock quill thread that was reversed, the second was the indexing was hard to read and the third was the on/off switches being flat and in different locations. Well two out of three are fixed and the third I'll have to live with ( maybe).

The new quill and screw were installed in the tailstock but I had to relocate the key pin to the bottom so I could read the graduations that are on the new quill.

I did not want to do indexing using a flashlight to see the index location so I built a new index wheel that you can easily read from the front and it has locations at every 5 degrees.

I still cannot change the on/off switch so I find myself hitting on for off and off for on. That switch needs to be in one location. I think I have found the contacts for the touch switches and need to do some testing before mounting a single switch out front to do both. That will probably void my warranty.

I also did an enhancement to the lathe for using collets from my metal lathe in it. I have a set of Southbend collets from 1/8" to 1/2". They are used in the spindle with a drawbar through the center of the spindle. I built a collet holder with a 1 1/4" -8 thread from a nut I bought on line and some steel parts I had to turn on the Southbend lathe. This was fun because the thread on the collets is a .642" x26. That thread does not exist in any books but I can cut 26 thread per inch on the Southbend so it was not a problem.
The collet screws into the threaded sleeve on the end of the drawbar and then is pulled tight with a handwheel on the back of the lathe.

I made a little video showing the index wheel and the collets in use. there is a dead spot n the video where the index pin unthreaded a bit and would not retract far enough. I put Locktite on it and that won't ever happen again.

I was able to make this collet holder because I had previously made some threaded concentric mock spindles which I can turn any attachment for a 1"-8 or 1 1/4"-8 thread and they will be right on center because the threads were cut right on the metal lathe.

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I put gun bluing on all the collet holder parts.

Cheers, Jim