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Nova 1624 Disassembly

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Hello all, I'm looking for advice on how to disassemble a Nova 1624 lathe that I just bought on Craigslist. I live in Mexico and the lathe is in Austin where my son lives. He will pick it up for me tomorrow. Trouble is, the seller says he can't disassemble it because he's 71 years old and has a bad back. The whole thing weighs 270 lbs and I'm not sure it will fit into my son's Chrysler Pacifica minivan.
My son is not mechanically adept, but it seems to me that just removing the legs would be easy and a big help.
Can you guys help with how to go about removing the legs under these circumstances?
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Here is the manual . I have a different model Nova but it looks like it is fairly simple to take a part. It should just be a few bolts holding the legs to the lathe bed.
It should be pretty obvious but the owners manual will show assembly instructions so he should be able to sort of follow them backwards. Advise him to bring a friend with him because even with the motor and tailstock removed it will still be pretty heavy. Removing the legs without someone to help might be pretty difficult.
The manual Bob linked to doesn't show the Hybrid Stand assembly, as they are considered an accessory. But the assembly instructions for the stand do show that they are held on by just 6 M12×40 hex bolts (#10 in the diagram). Would be fairly easy to tip the lathe over on it's side and remove the 6 bolts.

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And that lathe isn't too heavy - listed at 160 pounds without the motor, so it could probably be single handled fairly easily just by taking off the tailstock and tool rest/banjo. Motor also removes fairly easily but probably not needed. Would be a piece of cake for two people.



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1st thing is to remove the HS. It is very heavy on its own. May need to rig something for 2 people to lift it.

Bed and legs easily unbolt, easy to move. Just unbolt the legs, leave leg supports attached.
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