Bench Dog - Router Table Lift (40-150) (Rating: 3)

I have many Rockler products in my workshop and I'm generally pleased with their accuracy. This router table insert replaced a Rockler Pro Plate so I could install a new 3 HP Porter Cable. I found the mechanical system to be exceptionally well made and the top plat is an excellent thickness to avoid any deflection. The adjustment mechanism is easy to use and the clamping system for the motor is very good.

Where this device gets and "F" rating is on the insert (see the pics showing the gap under the ruler - the ones showing the BLACK plate are the "Pro Plate" and the silver shows the Bench Dog). For a device calibrated and marketed for "thousands of an inch" I expect to receive an out of the box experience to match. The plastic insert is 0.006" off and that's enough to matter if you want a tight joint. After speaking with Rockler tech support and getting an identical replacement, it had the same thickness problem.

They use the same exact insert for the Pro Plate and it's not the same cutout depth. I own them both and you can see from my photos that they made the insert for the Pro Plate and tried to use the same thing for the high end Bench Dog and failed to make it the correct thickness.