Harvey - G700 (Rating: 5)

I'd give it a 4.5. I rounded up for the excellent customer service.

This is my third dust collector. The machine I replaced was a Jet DC-1100VX that I'd had for just a few years. My first was a Delta that Lowes was selling for cheap. I'll mention up front that when I upgraded to the Harvey, I also added 6" metal ducting which I'm sure had a big impact on performance. But it should, I spent about the same in ducting as I did for the G700 (about $2,500, including shipping).

Also note, when thinking about fixing my dust collection, I was considering a home-built chip separator for the steel garbage can (in place of the plastic one). But that was a lot of work for no guarantee of better dust collection. I had at one point decided to get the Oneida V-System 3000, but switched to the G700. I'll give the reason why later.

Things I like:
- Much better suction (than what I had) and easily keeps up with my planer
- Different Noise profile (lower pitch than my Jet) and fairly quiet at low speeds
- Variable speed
- Integrated remote
- Short (no need to rework my shop, shorter than the sliding table height of my Hammer B3)
- Easy bag cleanout
- Self-clean-out (closed loop)

Things I don't like:
- The dust caps on the clean-out ports are a bit finicky to get sealed
- Power switch in the back (very minor)
- Can't adjust the speed when the unit isn't running

It's a solidly built unit all around, except the dust clean-out ports. Easily mobile which isn't a plus in my shop as I don't have aisle ways wide enough to push around. Since I went with metal ducts, not an advantage.

There are a number of YouTubers who've given glowing reviews of the G700. And for good reason, they received a G700 for free. They always talk about how quiet it is. At low speed (about 4000), yes it's quiet. But at the speeds you'd likely be using (5500 - 6500), not so much. But the pitch is lower, so it's not as hard on the ears. I'd still wear ear protection at higher speeds.

The nice this is the variable speed. When using my planer or jointer at 6500, I would overload the G700. But dial it back to 5500, and that problem mostly goes away. The max speed is 7500 and I don't expect to be using that unless I'm using the self-clean-out feature.

Customer service is top-notch. I broke one of the flappers for one of the pleated filters and Harvey shipped out a replacement without hesitation.

The main reason I went with the Harvey G700 over the Oneida system is that I'd lose some storage space mounting the Oneida system on the wall. While the floor footprint of the G700 is bigger, it's very short.

There are more details in my video.