Hagerty - Vernax (Rating: 5)

I found a can of this at a local salvage shop near my house and decided to give it a try. It says it contains Turpentine, vegetable, and wax preservative that help restore wood, leather and metal. I used some on a pine foot stool I made and wow, it looked like I gave it a fresh coat of finish. I decided to see what it could do for my band saw and jointer table to prevent rust and I think it did even a better job on that. It dries to a thin but hard film that helps protect wood as it claims, but the good part about the cast iron protection is that doesn't come off on the pieces your cutting.

It was half the cost, spreads thinner, dries harder, and lasts longer than Butchers Wax. I went back and picked up two more cans. Taking only a Lima Bean sized drop to protect my band saw table, I'm thinking that should last me at least 5 -10 years.